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Tuesday, 17 April 2018

A Catch Up

Thank you for all your lovely comments on my last post. I've been a bit sporadic with my posting this year, so do really appreciate you all hanging on in there.

Half way through April already, it amazes me, but at least the better weather appears to be coming... I'm so ready for the summer, I hope we have a lovely, long summer this year (not too hot though) and can spend lots of time outside in the garden and at the park.

We've been a bit slow on the garden side of things this year, mainly because of the weather. Andrew went out the other day and used the jet washer on the patio after getting rid of all the bits of grass and weeds that grow between the slabs. He also found this plant growing in one of our containers. We didn't plant it, but it seems to be thriving.

I tried putting the photo into a reverse picture finder and it identified it as Impatiens even though it didn't actually look like the pictures it showed. I know a lot of you have beautiful green thumbs so if anyone can give me any information about it, I would love to know.

My boy has had a birthday since I last blogged. Big year for birthdays this year, Adam and I have had our big ones (Adam turned 30) and Imogen will be turning sweet 16 a week on Friday, then little Zackary will have his very first birthday in August.

Not impressed with Daddy's birthday

I didn't get to see my boy on his actual birthday as he went on a 24 hour fishing trip with a group of friends. He had lovely time even though it was very muddy.

I haven't done as much baking as I planned to, but did use up some left over bananas to make our favourite banana cake the other day.

I treated myself to a couple of new eggcups the other week, I think they're rather cute.

I recently read this book by C.L. Taylor, The Fear. I thoroughly enjoyed it and found myself picking it up whenever I had a spare moment. A good, pacey thriller, I recommend it.

I thought it'd be nice to round off with the flowers on my mantelpiece that my lovely Andrew brought home from the shops today.

It's quite late, so I'm off to bed and will make a start on catching up with everyone else's news.

Take care


Monday, 19 March 2018

Felt Flowers and my Wonder Gadget

Its been a cold weekend, we finally got the snow that the rest of the country has had with minus temperatures alongside it. It was lovely to look out through the window on Saturday (from my warm place inside) at the blizzard blowing by, everything was so white and pretty, a winter wonderland... even though we're halfway through March!

I thought I'd make some flowers to try and bring some Spring into the house and use up some of my felt bits and pieces.

Not sure yet what I'm going to do with them, maybe put them on hair grips or sew brooch pins onto them, perhaps make some more and sew them onto some embroidery.

I've been using these sewing needles, as you can see from the packet, I've had them a few years.

They're still lovely to use, but have tiny eyes. I'm sure as my eyes grow older, these needle eyes get teenier and tinier. This is my super duper wonder gadget that helps to thread the smallest of needles... I love it!

It's called a table top needle threader and is one of my favourite ever gadgets. The needle is placed by the 1, pointing upwards and your thread rests in the little groove.

The white lever (number 2) is pushed down and the needle is threaded as easily as that! Number 3 is a small blade to cut the thread with.

My sewing machine has a built in needle threader, but I really struggle with it, I wish it was easy to use as my table top one.

I have a few felties cut out and ready to sew. I think my favourite at the moment is the little camper van. It makes a cute car air freshener when hung on a piece of twined filled with lavender.

Keep warm

Take care

Sunday, 4 March 2018

Still Indoors

I think I should start this post with a brrrrrrr.... we appear to have escaped the worse of the weather here in our little corner of East Yorkshire, but my, it's chilly! A large part of the country has snow and has come to a standstill (as we often do when the flakes fall as we just aren't prepared for it due to it's infrequency here). The 'beast from the east' as the media have named it, gave us a smattering of snow, but we do have icy cold temperatures. Andrew and I have hunkered down, neither of us having shaken off this irritating bad chest and cold, keeping warm and busy indoors.

Here's a photo of our lovely fountain in the Queen's Gardens area of our city covered in ice

There is a small area where the water is still pushing through

Our garden pond is frozen over with a tiny section where the pump pushes the water out left in the middle. I wonder if our fish are surviving...

We've been slowly going through boxes in our loft, not much has been done over the last month due to illness, but I did come across these hangers.

They would have once held my clothes when I was a baby and I've used them for Adam and Imogen. I wondered if Adam and Holly wanted them for Zackary, but no, so I'm holding onto them for now.

Even though we're both coughing and spluttering, babysitting duties had to carry on. My main worry was that the poor little mite would catch this horrible virus from us so I've somehow managed to restrain myself from kissing him to pieces and so far he seems to have avoided catching anything. It's a difficult situation as Adam and Holly have to go to work and there isn't anyone else who can look after Zack. I took this picture during the week, I think it's one of my favourites. Poor Grandpoppy feeling rather worse for wear, but cuddling the beautiful boy while they sit and listen to music together.

I've done a little more on my cross stitching, but mainly crochet this past week.

I came across this short video when I was looking through Facebook the other day. It's pictures of Hull, before and now, I thought it was well made. Credit goes to the Time Travel Artist on Facebook.

 I hope everyone is well and warm, especially those who have been badly affected by our recent weather.

Take care

Sunday, 18 February 2018

Keeping Warm

Thank you so much for all the birthday wishes, they're very appreciated and every one made me smile as I read them.

I'm glad my birthday was when it was as we've all been struck down with hacking coughs and colds since then. Andrew started it off and passed it along, temperatures, headaches, sore throats, coughs and runny noses. It seems to be passing just leaving the horrible coughs (they always seem to linger), but meant half term was a bit of a washout and we spent most of our time in the house watching films, reading, eating homemade soup and keeping warm.

I'm discipling myself to stay with stitching Zackary's Christmas stocking and not to start any more stitching projects until this one is finished... even though I can hear them calling for me...

Still quite a bit to do, but it's really taking shape now.

To give my eyes a break from the stitching, I've started to crochet another blanket, something for my hands to do in an evening when we sit down to watch TV.

I have my first Hyacinth bulbs of the year growing in a pot

We're not the only ones staying in the warm, these 3 just wouldn't smile for the camera today.

Little Gary (the white one) doesn't like to go outside without his jumper on and likes to nestle up next to Honey and Alfie. I've put an old cushion in their bed to make it more snug.

Hope you're all keeping nice and snug too.

Take care

Friday, 9 February 2018

What a Wonderful Day

It was my birthday on Wednesday, a milestone one, I'm half a century! I had the most wonderful day, spending it with my favourite people, my lovely family who thoroughly spoilt me.

I had breakfast in bed, some tasty kippers. I couldn't remember the last time I had them, I'm the only one who likes them so it felt like quite a treat. I stayed in bed with a nice cup of tea to open my cards and some of my presents, I even had a badge to wear!

When I was ready, the curtains to the conservatory were opened to reveal a very special present from my parents. I was absolutely blown away, a new scooter covered in balloons and banners, what an amazing start to the day. It's more than just a scooter, it's trips to the park with little Zackary, dog walks, trips to the local shops and so much more.

I had a nice cosy afternoon with Andrew and we watched Oliver so I could warble along with all the brilliant songs. Adam came in the afternoon with Zack, Holly and Izzy came later on and we all sat down to a party tea prepared by Andrew and Imogen with all my favourite party food, homemade potato salad, gammon and lots of other bits and pieces.

It was made even more special by Zack being able to join us at the table in the new highchair we had just bought him, though he was more of an observer than participant as he had just eaten his own yummy pureed vegetables and isn't quite old enough for finger food yet.

Imogen had spotted these little '50' sequins so had bought them to scatter over the table, a thoughtful little gesture, my sweet girl. I've saved some for when I do some scrapbooking.

The perfect accompaniment to my birthday tea, a lovely strong cup of tea in a bone china cup and saucer, I drank few of these.

Adam has a friend who makes the most delicious cakes, so between them, Andrew had secretly arranged for Adam's friend, Laura, to surprise me with this amazing cake. The actual cake is the most scrumptious Victoria sponge, my favourite. Even the numbers and the 'balls of wool' had sponge in them, what a clever lady Laura is (and green is my favourite colour).

The lights were turned off while everyone sang happy birthday and the cake was brought through with these amazing coloured candles, the flames were all different colours too, I haven't seen candles like this before.

More cups of tea and some cake followed by lots of special family time, what a wonderful day I had.

I had the best day ever and received so many lovely presents, I'll show you some of them another time.

Take care

Tuesday, 30 January 2018

Sand Through Fingers

That's just how I feel about time, it's just like sand through my fingers. I hear people saying how long January is and I wonder myself where January has gone! My time management feels like it's flown out the window... and taken all my time with it, it feels like we go from a Wednesday to a Saturday with barely a breath inbetween!

I think, I know really, it's because I'm so besotted with our little charge and spend the 3 days we look after him fussing over him, playing with and watching him. Little Zackary is now eating food, not just having his milk. We make him up some porridge in the morning and mum and dad usually bring a little tub of yummy goodness for his tea (they cook and puree different vegetables and freeze them in little tubs, so by the time he eats it here, it's defrosted and just needs warming through).

Zackary sits in his bouncy chair, opening his mouth like a little baby bird... I do enjoy feeding him and he is such a neat little eater... most of the time...

Zack likes spending time on his quilt on the floor, though now he can turn quite easily from his back onto his tummy. He gets so frustrated though when he can't roll back onto his back. Growing so fast and of course everything he gets hold of goes straight into that little toothless mouth (the same mouth that gives me such gorgeous smiles and giggles).

I have spent a little bit of time in my craft room. I don't feel I've had much opportunity, but I have been able to play with my polymer clay. A little leaf or two.

I've also found my old Pippa dolls from my '70's childhood. They need their faces washing and a hair pamper day after being in the loft for so long. As part of our decluttering, we (I say we, but it's Andy who goes up and down into the loft) are trying to clear a lot of stuff from the loft. Bringing a box down, going through it and deciding what to keep, give to charity or just throw away.

Here are my poor neglected girls. Did anyone else have Pippa dolls when they were young? I always dreamed of a Sindy or Barbie doll, but I loved these small girls.

I'm also trying to do a little bit of stitching on Zachary's christmas stocking most days. It's coming along, but still has a good way to go before making it into a stocking. It has a lot of stitching...

I miss 'blogland', so must make more of an effort to write weekly and get round to reading everyone's news. When I look through the photos on my phone, they all seem to be of Zackary. I have a BIG birthday next week, that will be something for me to take photos of.

Take care

Saturday, 6 January 2018

Post Christmas

I hope everyone was able to enjoy their Christmas and welcome the new year in with joy and happiness. We're still enjoying the school holidays here as the new term doesn't start until Tuesday, but the trees and decorations were safely packed and put away last weekend.

Here's our little Christmas grandson, filling us full of happiness

He looked rather dapper on Christmas day itself although I think he found the whole business rather overwhelming.

I'm trying to get back into my crafting groove, there're so many things I'd like to do. I have a few kits that were gifts with magazines that need to be used. As I'm also trying to declutter (well, a bit), it seemed a good idea to start using things up. Here's a cute doggy keyring.

This one wasn't from a magazine, it's a little feltie bear I've made into a brooch.

We're ready to establish a routine again... helps me remember which day of the week it is... our little charge is back with us again for a full day on Tuesday and it's Andrew's birthday on Wednesday, everything back to normal again.

Hoping everyone is happy and healthy and 2018 is a wonderful year for everyone.

Take care

Thursday, 21 December 2017

Is it Nearly Christmas?

I can't believe we're just a few days away from Christmas, I just don't seem able to find my Christmas Spirit this year. I've been quite organised, cards were written and posted early on, presents are always bought over a few months, but they've all been wrapped for a while. Normally the tree and decorations go up at the beginning of December, but this year we waited a bit, not feeling the excitement we used to. I wonder if it's because Imogen is 15 now, no more putting reindeer food out or excitedly writing lists to Father Christmas?

We do have our first grandchild, which is the most wonderful thing to happen, but at 4 months old, he doesn't know it's Christmas! I'm hoping we'll be spending some time tomorrow with Zackary and Izzy, Izzy is 8 so a lovely age, full of excitement and I'm hoping some will rub off on me.

The tree in the dining room

Imogen has finished school today for the Christmas holiday so that's rather lovely. We're planning to do some baking together tomorrow and I'm sure we'll play some festive music at the same time.

I've finished Zack's quilt. It's very soft and will be just the thing to have under him when he lays on the floor.

The background is brushed cotton, so feels really nice against the skin.

If all that isn't enough to put me in a Christmas mood, I do have this beautiful photo my son sent me... a real life little Christmas elf...

Have a wonderful, safe, happy and healthy Christmas

Take care